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12 Aug

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By Marina Meadows (Albums) · Updated 3 hours ago · Edit Album
    •  Meadows Finally I was able to post some photos from 2003, I guess that my info. is always first checked before I can post anything, but well at list I won a little battle today !! after so many, many years ABLE TO post some photos !! Thank you Lord !!
      TRYING TO POST SOME PHOTOS, FROM 2003 WHEN WE WERE PEOPLE HAVING A LIVE, and NOT EXISTING LIKE BEEN DOING FOR ALMOST TEN YEARS, I COPY THIS PHOTOS WITH THE ANDROID 4G in the Chip, and my computer is so manipulated that everything I do, the computer does something else, Unbelievable!! But I will keep trying ! Well I will really like to know WHOSE paying the bill to keep me hacked like this for so long, and still now? Perhaps your own money, taxpayers money, eh?
      We have a Life TEN years ago !!
      Photo: Marina Gonzalez with Friends at B-day Celebration at Home/2003
      Photo: Padrinos de mi hijo mediano, Panama
      Photo: Al mal tiempo buena cara/2003
      Photo: Madrina de mi hijo mayor Paul y esposa de amigo de CUBA

      Tried to upload my Original VIDEO in other site and see here what it said: An HTTP error 503 occurred.


      So still I can not upload it, even do the cell is reading that have been posted in YTube 4 days ago, of course that was yesterday,

      today needed to read 5days ago, but still reading 4 days ago!!
      I can believe that in Ten Years nobody in this City have question any Official about WHO IS BEEN PAYING the bill for what is done to my family because that is TAXPAYERS MONEY, also this house I am positive is “BUG” as well, so that cost money, THOSE HONEST CANDIDATES THAT YOUR VOTING FOR, ask them??? Why STATE ATTORNEY OFFICE rather NOT INVESTIGATE my case ??? Are THEY Suppose to be INTERESTED IF MONEY IF TAXPAYER MONEY is been WASTED ??
      It is shameful, It is an abomination, It is much more….. That Miami, Florida totally control by ELITE (“Big Fishes”) with absolute Power capable of making YOU disappear silently slowly with a covert financed fraudulent corrupt bunch of criminal individuals !!

      Be aware that if it is not happening to you already, it will happen to you at some point, as long as my family stay torture, terrified,

      abused…. because if this does not STOP for us, it wont stop for you!
      Yesterday, Friday 08/10/2012 I took the cell Android 4G that I purchased at Metro PCS, something I have done through almost ten years at different stores, always with the hope that I could reach the world out there and make Stop such heinous crime inflicted upon my family, Unfortunately it is a criminal Web disseminated everywhere controlling peoples will at all cost; much like we have been experiencing with the recent saga of the “Absent Ballots” where is yet a lot to find out, and better yet the Elite behind it, same as in my situation.

      At the moment I am very grateful for my battles won in almost ten years: Well writing in FB and tweeting, even manipulated or blocked has given me a sense of “Virtual Freedom” and belonging, my calls reaching destination while I was at Stephen P. Clark Center the other day trying to get in touch with Gov.Officials, also been able to post photos in my FB page, (even if one of my albums with 4 photos was deleted from my wall) and one video out even if it is only in FB and not reaching the world yet!

      Of course it is still a Horror to live the way we still today totally controlled everywhere we go, lacking Freedom and Rights, and also loosing our health because in this house we were forced to be in we are having our organs getting damaged affecting our sleep, stomachs, brain and much more, this “hissing sound” is so bad that thin layers of skin and watery liquid keep coming out of my ears every morning; my sons weight is worst everyday, my mother you can imagine!, but it is a relief knowing that it is real because when we are out all bad symptoms disappear and we feel really good, like re-charging a battery, the longer you stay out the better you feel; I gone as far as bringing people in, that are in the surroundings to confirm that they can hear it as well as my family can. It is terrifying to know that this past week I have been contacting so many Gov.Officials, and still are allowing our health to keep on damaging, this is a silent killer that really kills !

      Yesterday Friday I also call 311, first time that works for me in many many years!, to make a report on two cars that have been parked outside the house in two different angles, without been moved for the five months we have been staying here, the bottom of the cars full of plants, leaves and more, one tag expired in 2007, other tag this month; well 311 gave me a confirmation#, and I ask the lady: is that a report #, she said: Yes, and told me that police will be checking on them, still waiting! I guess I have to go somewhere to get the written copy of report right?

      I just got this in my e-mail:

      This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

      Delivery to the following recipients failed.


      Attached Message
      From: Marina Meadows <themeadowsfmly@aol.com>
      To: distric10@miamidade.gov
      Subject: Please Reply! Thanks
      Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 18:44:28 -0400 (EDT)
      Dear Commissioner Souto:
      My name is Marina Meadows, I have been a resident of Miami Dade for over 30 years. Wednesday I contacted your office and years ago as well, I left all my info. at your office, did you received?
      Well I need Urgent Help, I already contacted the Police Corruption Dept. about a week ago, still detectives that spoke to me have not given me a report or case#, please see below my video so u can understand what is going on, also in my Face Book page is the complete story. I also contacted the Mayor office and left info. as well with Liliana Fdez Collazo, still they have not reply to me.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9x10oBHpgw …”

      Awaiting your Help,

      Marina Meadows

      I am trying to talk to the Commissioner on my District (for the last ten years) this was what I got, see above.

      Esta semana fui a cambiar mi direccion a la Division Vehiculos Motorizados, y como siempre se equivocaron, Mss.Suarez tuvo error al dejarme la licencia con la misma direccion, y como siempre en todos lados ni siquiera se disculparon, pues la angustia mental y emocional incluye el que al ser humillado uno o ser maltratado en cualquier forma, pues lo dejan a uno con el humillador(a) o el maltratador

      (a) para que me siga atendiendo con la esperanza que uno lo trate mal o le ofenda o le arme un escandalo, para asi convertir al inocente maltratado e humillado en delincuente agresor y aprovecharse de eso para sacarlo de circulacion. La primera licencia estaba clara como la anterior mia, pero la segunda que me dieron se ve muy mal, no se puede leer bien, tambien tuvieron que cambiar el recibo. Seria muy productivo hacerle una deposicion jurada o ponerle un detector de mentiras para asegurarnos quien esta financiando todo este acoso a que nos someten a mi familia, quien tan poderoso tiene tanta “vara alta” en todas las entidades Gubernamentales que rapidamente se comunican con estos acosadores que ya existen dentro de cada institucion para poder actuar de inmediato con las personas senaladas para ser acosadas???
      Tambien el Miercoles les preguntaba, que me aconsejaban que hciiera con el cellular marca Android 4G con capacidad para comunicarse con el mundo entero y con un plan pagado y escogido para que funcione acabalidad? cuando no he logrado poder subir mi video Original a YTube, ni a ningun otro sitio! Desafortunadamente cuando fui por segunda vez a Metro PCS, alli estaba el vendedor Steve, al cual le explique que queria poner los dos videos en YTube, facebook, email bueno hable muy claro con el, tambien el expreso que entendia, aunque sin siquiera preguntarme, el mismo subido el video que le llamo “Plan B” con un titulo que el quiso darle Vid1234, de esto me di cuenta cuando al estar esperando mucho rato, le pregunte que por fin que estaba haciendo en el celular, cuando me dijo pues le dije que ese video no era el que queria, el me dijo que el otro no, aunque mas tarde lo hizo, despues de haber estado hablando en puerta cerrada en la tienda, tambien le dije que porque no lo hacia simultaneo, me dijo no se podia y luego lo hizo, en fin esto ha sido otra de mis pesadillas, pero me fui pensando que lo habia puesto ya que siempre me muestro positiva ante todo; claro que me mintio al igual que hizo el que me lo vendio Henry en la primera visita, lo bueno es que lo tengo todo en video, pues el accedio a que grabara, claro que al rato el Mgr de piso Daniel me dijo que no podia seguir grabando, le pedi la poliza de la tienda respecto a eso por escrito y me dijo que no la tenia. Bueno creo que seria de provecho tambien hacerle una deposicion a Henry, Steve, Daniel, y Regla a ver si podemos enterarnos de la verdad !
      El Miercoles tambien limpie esta computadora, la cual estaba llena de virus y totalmente hackeada, cosa que aun continua, pues no ha habido manera que pueda subir aqui mi video Original o en ningun otro sitio, ya que con el chip del cellular trate de hacerlo aqui sin resultado ninguno; ya que antes de terminar de subir el video cuando aun le quedaban 16 min. para terminar, la computadora dejo de funcionar.
      Tambien Estuve esta semana en el Stephen P. Clark Center Edificio del Downtown donde estan el Alcalde, los Comisionados y muchas mas entidades Gubernamentales y organizaciones, que aparentemente hasta ahora a mi no me han servido de ninguna ayuda aunque llevo anos contactando a todo el mundo. Estuvimos sentadas en el Lobby de abajo en la cafeteria “Botega” y opuesto se encontraba el lugar de votacion. Pasamos la tarde llamando a todas las oficinas de ahi y de todos lugares que pudiera pensar, ya que alli me trabajo el telefono, cosa que no pasa en todos lados; invitamos a los oficiales electos a reunirse con nosotros ya que mi madre no tiene la mobilidad adecuada para ir de oficina en oficina, el resultado fue nulo, nadie vino ni siquiera a saludarnos o compadecerse o siquiere dejarnos saber que han agradecido nuestros VOTOS del pasado y por los cuales se encuentran en el puesto! Tampoco los medios de comunicacion que invitamos se aparecieron, asi esta el control en MIAMI, y luego los canales se llenan la boca hablando de la LIBERTAD que disfrutamos, triste, realmente triste y ademas VERGONZOZO !
      Les pido sugerencias en que debo hacer referente a mi situacion, he expuesto corrupcion y corruptos como simple ciudadana, desgraciadamente me Aislaron totalmente ademas de condenarnos a sufrir horrendamente, asi que queria preguntarles, pues acepto sugerencias, como recupero mi LIBERTAD? Como recupero mis DERECHOS violados?

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