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12 Aug
“ACOSADORES” personas de la comunidad que son una Empresa Criminal entrenados por Organizadores pagados por “Pescados Grandes” para cometer actos criminales.Esto es un Crimen! Y vemos un ejemplo en el caso de la boletera arrestada en Miami …See More

I would like to expand writing about what our lives have become and had been for almost 10n years, so you perhaps understand that as simple as it seems for me to make a phone call, simply will not cut it! Isolation have been the card played against us!, manipulation and blocking of phones, internet, mail, The Criminal Enterprise of “Gang Stalkers” are everywhere terrorizing us, even at the Church

es from where we had to stop going, not even one Church; I even remember a Priest at the Church “Mother of Christ” whom I asked for guidance, because I did not want to pursue what was happening with the course of the dissolution of my marriage, and him compelling me to keep on fighting, it did not sound right of course!, where he left the forgiveness, love…..
So when it comes to make a simple phone call, buy something, cut my hair, buy groceries, buy toiletries, have a simple oil change, everything you do in your everyday life it is for us like climbing a mountain or a nightmare ! Whatever you can do, as a free normal individual, it is very hard for us to do ! or not even do it at all ! I will mention some samples for those not too much acquainted with our situation or for those still not getting the grasp on it.
Well if with the cars it is a real nightmare, a horror story……when going for a simple oil change to the same place WESTKENDALLTOYOTA first thing end up with broken was a new AC, then you change places, same keep happening, you get your oil change, or tires change or a simple thing, end up paying for a mayor repair, it is a never ending thing regardless of the place; of course also when car is parked for a while anywhere things also go wrong!, Oh! now talking about a hair cut, I think we know by now most of the Supetcuts, Hair Cuttlery, private salons in the areas where we have been living, even in SW 152nd Street Hair Cuttlery, Ms.Olga, nice lady she said with 30th years experience and I wish I could put here the video of what kind of hair cut she performed on my hair, just to mention one of the worst!, added to that is making us be uncomfortable as possible, water too cold, too much water, hair all over and so forth, imagine my dear mother an elderly lady suffering all of it, would you like to do your hair? Buying, going to buy something have to be in a place where you can grab it, otherwise it will come damage, like OFFICE DEPOT or OFFICE MAX were we could not even send a fax that would reach destination in those days! BEST BUY ……..
Car Insurance, Home Insurance ALLSTATE, STATE FARM did to us horrible things, policies of no less than 10 or 15 years!
Not to mention Government entities that have been the worst, Post Office, Family and Children, Police, State Attorney Office……
Avoiding to mention all damage caused by medical enterprise, or lack thereof or any other professionals, Schools and more !
Please When you are doing something in your daily routine, think that we are not able to do it! so that way you will be to fully understand our suffering!
Well everyone that I can think of have taken a bite at robbing our family of almost 10 years of a normal live, May the Lord forgive them !
ust 3

@FACEBOOK Plz tell me what is going on with my postings????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I do not get comments from the trends in most of them, I can not register anywhere on sites, not even int the White House, I can not write comments in websites, my posts get eras

ed as well as comments and much more all this 12 months that I have been here, and TODAY after trying again and e-mailing Police Corruption Dept. to open an Investigation to hold Culprits accountable, and 2 detectives came to my house to write report (something done before, and much to talk about behavior of detectives today, almost same as before) well My Posts In English is NOT Showing in My News FEED !! Again What is going on??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? PLEASE REPLY ! It is not enough Isolating me for so many years, that you still taking my freedom away !!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Today early my computer not working, much less the new phone I purchased yesterday to upload the videos, Please read my comments on twitter @pradera123
I contacted the Phone provider, to no avail !!
I do have proof that my videos were successfully uploaded in Ytube and Google !
My VIDEO TITLE in YTUBE: VID1234, Please let me know if it is TRUE that you can watch it???? Because the other VIDEO it reads in cell: “Still processing” since aprox. 2pm that was began to upload ! is that normal? the other title: CRY FOR HELP and Still another title: Corruption, but no where to be found
Someone send it to me, I hope everyone can see it !! “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9x10oBHpgw
Please pass it along, we need to get Urgent Help! Thank you very much !

Just back from changing my Drivers License address at the DMV, Mss.Suarez made a mistake had to do it twice! The first one she made me remained with old add. but it was very clear, second one looks like fade it, I can not even read good the info., my receipt was also changed twice.
Well after that now Please can you tell me what do I do with my new Android 4 G cell phone, with all capabilities to

communicate with the world, plan picked to work like that and I can not even upload my Original video, hardly enough STEVE at Metro PCS just upload my Video plan B, He even put the title, WITHOUT asking me anything, He was waiting for me at the door the day I got there, the good thing I got everything he told me on my Video, until I was stop from doing it, I ask for their policy regarding that in writing, they denied. Can we do a deposition to Henry, Steve, Daniel y Regla ? Can we find out what is going on ? That have been my life for almost 10 years !
Today I clean my computer(not this one i am in now) it was completely hacked, and uploaded the two videos from the Cell phone (Chip inside it) onto my computer, and before I can post it here, my computer STOP working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday I spent the Afternoon at the Gov. Center in Downtown, where Mayor and Commissioners work, I sat downstairs next to the VOTING site, watching the Lambs VOTE for nothing. Also Contacted everyone you can imagine, so they could come down to meet us and Help us, unfortunately everyone had an excuse, including the media !!
Please I am open to suggestions, I am a simple citizen exposing corruptions and corrupts, and I had been and still are totally ISOLATED to the world, unless they are stalkers of course, so WHAT DO I DO ? HOW DO I GET MY FREEDOM ? HOW DO I GET MY RIGHTS ?
Well last night I was blocked!, but sitting here checking I noticed the new android 4G cell was reading that my Original Video Title: Corruption was uploaded 4 days ago together with the one posted here already, Unbelievable because I can NOT even uploaded here in FBook, the titled: Corruption I have been trying since yesterday and still reads that have 16 min. more to finish!! So Plz if any one is able to find it in YTUBE, Plz post it here in my wall ! Thank you for everything you are always doing ! in the mean time Plz do not forget to pass along this video I have posted, perhaps we can find Help and regain our Freedom & Rights ! Something lost in MIAMI !
Por Favor ayudennos a que el mundo entero vea nuestra suplica de ayuda, pasenlo en todos lados, pues nadie lo encuentra en YTube! y necesitamos Ayuda URGENTE para recobrar nuestra Libertad y Derechos aqui en MIAMI, Florida donde nos los han VIOLADO ! Muy agradecidas siempre !

We have a Life TEN years ago !!
Photo: Marina Gonzalez with Friends at B-day Celebration at Home/2003
Photo: Padrinos de mi hijo mediano, Panama
Photo: Al mal tiempo buena cara/2003
Photo: Madrina de mi hijo mayor Paul y esposa de amigo de CUBA
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