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12 Aug

Well brain storming today about our terrifying situation again, so you get to know that my efforts to stop this terrorism inflicted upon my family is my First priority, unfortunately here in Miami, Florida there is so much corruption that have many, and many “Gang Stalking” individuals are ready to cause abuse at every level possible, because this Criminal Enterprise know that some one in a high p

olitical position is protecting them, feeling then free to cause as much harm as they are order to do, with no regard for human life!
Let start where I believe I left a while ago. As I told you previously we have been suffering in this house that we have been forced to move into, of some kind of energy, after research I believe is a high electromagnetic pulse of energy; since there is little I could do to stop this degenerates perps, I called FPLight after I noticed it, I think it was end of March or April, you can find it in my previous notes. Well at that time some one came by, told me he can only check outside and everything was ok, he did not find any energy higher than normal, I request a report, never got one. Then in June 28/2012 I believe I called again FPLight early in the afternoon, then an employee showed up like about 7pm, told me he will check outside, I explained again the situation of the electromagnetic pulse all over the house, he told me he will disconnect the power to check outside, a few minutes later he knock at my door again and told me that he found some kind of high energy that he will have to leave the power disconnected for about 3 hrs because someone else had to come and check that out, I reply to him that even without power I still hear the hissing of the electromagnetic pulse that I contacted them about, totally unrelated to what he was saying, also not compatible with the other employee findings, imagine how I felt? giving me no option, no even asking me if he could do it, or asking if anyone in the house will be put in danger because of that, I explain to him about my elderly mother and that I need it to cook for her and more but to no avail ! We were for 2 hrs without power, I took video of the trucks that came by later that night and the employee that was explaining to me that they needed to replace a cable underground, so by now you notice I have three different opinions from three different employees; when he finished he gave me a pamphlet telling me that a temporary cable was connected, that they will come back to install a new one at a later time, if I had questions to call Ms.Oneida at 305-387-66.. work request #T-786, FPL 8822. I later received a FPLight letter dated July/2nd/2012, stating among other things that they take the power out as a result of an underground cable failing! What a lie! FPLight came to this house as a result of my calls! and my calls have been about ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE OF ENERGY INSIDE THE HOUSE ! Well I called them on July 7th, 2012 and told them this again, silence at the other end! Then on July 13th, 14th came by again to dig as they said, all expenses for nothing! Did I get a detail report about my real inquiry, No, I did not! As I stated at the beginning this “Gang Stalking” individuals exist at every level imaginable, covering up as much as they can!
Then I turned last week to call other possible source of that Electromagnetic pulse of energy, the phone and internet provider ATT&T and as much as I tried over the phone to put an order for someone to come by inside the house to measure the pulse of energy, because they told me over the phone that their tech/people can come with the proper tool to measure it, but it was impossible for me, ATT&T will put me on hold or transfer me from department to department, for hours on end. Resulting in the internet disconnected in the house last Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!, when on Monday my sons called them, they schedule an appointment to come next day from 1-5pm, I took the chance and I did also talked to them asking to add to the order to come measure the electromagnetic pulse of energy and send us a safety report stating levels of safety or not, I gave the phone back to my son because the lady requested him back on the phone, I asked her why he already book the appointment, she reply she will still need to talk to him, so I gave him the phone then after a while he told me he cancelled the appointment because they wanted to charge us $99.00 to come inside the house, that he tried to play with the cables on the wall and the internet started to work again! Amazing, eh? So ATT&T can do it, will not give me an appointment on the phone, later will do it for a charge, and not need to come for free to check the problem, internet worked !
Then I decide to go and check the HOME DEPOT tools, since a while ago also I went to the “Spy Shop” in SW 40 street and he did not have it, same as it happen every where I go, nobody have anything; nevertheless went because I am so concern with the harm this can cause to all of us that I feel I have to keep trying; well nothing in the general tools area, but found it in Electrical Dept. tools area, $140.00, then I spoke to Mr.Larry service expert in the Electrical Dept.as his apron stated, he told me that I will have to place it in the area of cables……., complicated for me, so I adventured to ask what he will recommend, ask what was his advice regarding this situation and explain to him in full, he did not have knowledge of how to stop it or jam it, not even tool to measure all around the house, I knew more than him, he told me to call an electrician, that in the store they can have one to call me, I told him to fill in the order, I would be expecting their call to seek advice one more time.
I write all this so you can judge for yourselves what is going on here, perhaps many of you will agree with me that the perception is; me spending money, and not solving anything, “They” definitely want to keep in place this hurtful electromagnetic pulse of energy, it is a slowly silent killer, also to drive me crazy trying to stop it, because I know it is not an Electrical power problem/power was off and continue happening, panel inside the house is very good, nothing wrong there as well, it is not AC related because also it is been off and hissing continue happening, and definitely I can not trust that I will spend on ATT&T to come by and fix it. So I will keep my quest for a tool to be able to stop it, perhaps doing lots more of research!!!
I would like to expand writing about what our lives have become and had been for almost 10n years, so you perhaps understand that as simple as it seems for me to make a phone call, simply will not cut it! Isolation have been the card played against us!, manipulation and blocking of phones, internet, mail, The Criminal Enterprise of “Gang Stalkers” are everywhere terrorizing us, even at the Church

es from where we had to stop going, not even one Church; I even remember a Priest at the Church “Mother of Christ” whom I asked for guidance, because I did not want to pursue what was happening with the course of the dissolution of my marriage, and him compelling me to keep on fighting, it did not sound right of course!, where he left the forgiveness, love…..
So when it comes to make a simple phone call, buy something, cut my hair, buy groceries, buy toiletries, have a simple oil change, everything you do in your everyday life it is for us like climbing a mountain or a nightmare ! Whatever you can do, as a free normal individual, it is very hard for us to do ! or not even do it at all ! I will mention some samples for those not too much acquainted with our situation or for those still not getting the grasp on it.
Well if with the cars it is a real nightmare, a horror story……when going for a simple oil change to the same place WESTKENDALLTOYOTA first thing end up with broken was a new AC, then you change places, same keep happening, you get your oil change, or tires change or a simple thing, end up paying for a mayor repair, it is a never ending thing regardless of the place; of course also when car is parked for a while anywhere things also go wrong!, Oh! now talking about a hair cut, I think we know by now most of the Supetcuts, Hair Cuttlery, private salons in the areas where we have been living, even in SW 152nd Street Hair Cuttlery, Ms.Olga, nice lady she said with 30th years experience and I wish I could put here the video of what kind of hair cut she performed on my hair, just to mention one of the worst!, added to that is making us be uncomfortable as possible, water too cold, too much water, hair all over and so forth, imagine my dear mother an elderly lady suffering all of it, would you like to do your hair? Buying, going to buy something have to be in a place where you can grab it, otherwise it will come damage, like OFFICE DEPOT or OFFICE MAX were we could not even send a fax that would reach destination in those days! BEST BUY ……..
Car Insurance, Home Insurance ALLSTATE, STATE FARM did to us horrible things, policies of no less than 10 or 15 years!
Not to mention Government entities that have been the worst, Post Office, Family and Children, Police, State Attorney Office……
Avoiding to mention all damage caused by medical enterprise, or lack thereof or any other professionals, Schools and more !
Please When you are doing something in your daily routine, think that we are not able to do it! so that way you will be to fully understand our suffering!
Well everyone that I can think of have taken a bite at robbing our family of almost 10 years of a normal live, May the Lord forgive them !
Hola asiduos de esta pagina, aqui les traigo el horror en el que mi familia ha estado viviendo aqui en Miami, Florida por casi diez anos, espero que lean todo y que vengan a formar parte de mi pagina de FaceBook/themeadowsfmly para que aprendiendo todo lo que sufrimos puedan ustedes evitar que les suceda a ustedes.
Tambien quisiera pedirles a todos aquellos que tengan facilidad de saber navegar la

internet, que nos ayuden a exponer nuestra situacion, leyendo en YouTube la version corta de nuestra situacion, la cual estoy escribiendo a continuacion, por nosotros, ya que nos bloquean y no podemos hacerlo y es muy necesario que el mundo conozca como nos han isolado y abusado, para que asi obtengamos la ayuda y proteccion que tanto necesitamos….

Es mas dificil pasar a ser una victima, si estas bien preparado. “EL ACOSO O LA PERSECUSION ORGANIZADA es una forma de terrorismo usado en contra de un individuo, en un malicioso intento de reducir la calidad de la vida de una persona, para que aquellos que acosan o persiguen puedan llevar al individuo a: tener un ataque nervioso, que lo pongan en prision, que lo pongan en un instituto mental, que experimente constante dolor mental, emocional, o fisico, que se queden en la calle como mendigos, o que cometan suicidio. Esto es hecho ustilizando acusaciones muy bien preparadas, mentiras, rumores, investigaciones inventadas, acorralar, intimidacion, amenazas, vandalismo, robo, sabotajes, torturas, humillaciones, terror emocional y molestias en general. Es “tener una ganga” hecha de miembros de la comunidad que siguen a un Organizador y participan en sistematicamente “aterrorizar” a un individuo”.–Mark M. Rich

En el 2002-2003 Contacte al Gobernador Jeb Bush para que nos ayudara a enforzar nuestros Derechos Civiles en la Corte y lo que hicieron fue ponernos una orden de “Ley de Peligrosidad” (cosa que conocia existia en Cuba contra los cubanos que actuaban en contra del Gobierno, pero no sabia existia contra los simples ciudadanos en este gran pais de Libertad) para callarnos la boca y no se supiera toda la corrupcion que hay……,He estado tratando de exponer la corruptcion en Miami, Florida, ya por casi 10 anos, pero sin resultados, Por favor lean mi blog el cual pongo en FaceBook.com/themeadowsfmly, “Hagamos alguna JUSTICIA… o en http://www.marinameadows.wordpress/(DOT)com, o tambien en htttp://www.MarinaMeadows.blogspot(DOT)com, encuentren lo que nos han hecho, como es que han utilizado nuestros records medicos para danarnos la salud, medicinas alteradas acabadas de comprar en las farmacias, lean como nos han isolado de amigos y familiares, sobre la manipulacion y bloqueo de la internet, correo regular y certificado, telefonos, y como las vidas de mis tres hijos han sido manipuladas y ellos tambien manipulados, nuestra casa de 15 anos nos la quitaron con fraude y la saquearon, llevandose los documentos y mucho mas, como los bancos han manipulado nuestro dinero, tambien el acoso, y abandono de las Iglesias, Colegios, Organizaciones…. el papel que ha jugado la Policia y los Oficiales del Gobierno, todos permitiendo que nos sigan abusando todos estos anos, abuso mental, emocional y por ende fisico, han estado cubriendo las cosas mal hechas desde el principio, destruyendo nuestra familia sin escrupulos, tambien quiero adicionar que el padre de mis hijos (despues de yo tener un encuentro personal con el ex-alcalde Manny Diaz) y su madre (una semana antes de una cita en la Corte) murieron repentinamente de la misma causa sin tener ninguna historia medica de esa enfermedad, los dos ciudadanos Ingleses. Nosotros nos encontramos sufriendo y casi collapsando sin que nadie nos ayude; ahora solamente despues de 11 meses ya, he podido estar escribiendo un poco en la internet me he podido dar cuenta de cuan corrompidas y manchadas son las cosas, manipuladas por individuos muy bien conectados, ejecutivos corporativos y Oficiales Gubernamentales motivados politicamente los cuales simplemente entierran la verdad dentro de una sombra de sistema legal inaccesible a los ciudadanos ordinarios de cada dia. Asi que le doy gracias a Dios por la fuerza que ha dado a nuestra familia, y por las personas protestando en las calles#OWS desde Noviembre 17 del 2011, ya que estan ayudando a exponer la verdad tal y cual es, sacandola a la luz publica!
Necesitamos URGENTEMENTE alguna humanidad sobre nuestra situacion, para poder exponerla y encontrar la AYUDA y PROTECCION que estamos pidiendo, asi que si alguien tiene el poder de poder hacer algo, lo apreciaremos muchisimo! Necesitamos un abogado de contingencia que no le tema enfrentarse a los jueces, y que quiera ayudarnos, ASAP, es muy, muy Urgente pues mi madre esta sin medicinas y perdiendo la vision pues tampoco puede hecharse sus gotas de glaucoma, ni tomar ninguna medicina prescrita que necesite, ya que las cuales estaban alteradas y le causaron danos a su salud, hemos perdido la confianza en los medicos en general, tambien nosotros estamos pereciendo…..somos personas reales existiendo pero no viviendo! Por favor chequear: www.targetedindividuals.com www.areyoutargeted.com


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