2012/FB Postings/Month/May 26th

28 Aug
Well yesterday Brainstorming ! About the AIR CONDITIONING that got broken, coincidentally it happened a few days later after I wrote here that the noise that I am hearing (causing pain to my ears) stopped for few minutes, coincidentally also that we had changed the water we were drinking, feeling a lot much better health wise!, well yesterday they came to fix it and slept with it fixed, but strangely my mother was coughing a lot something she never does, the air window is practically above her bed; also the noise having been louder than usual, intense, giving me more pain than before; and also we have been having more appetite than normal, plus some more unhealthy symptoms that we did not have before. I have been praying a lot, since the day that the noise stopped for those few minutes, asking God to Help me find some explanation, since our lives for the last almost ten years have been a real nightmare, an inhuman torture, something very insane and evil ! then “the bulb lighted up” like the saying says, I have been remembering how something have always been a “Constant”; in our house at 30th Street before the eviction and before they started to brake things in the outside of the house, like the water filter and other things, and before they started to brake things inside the house, like the toilets and other things, the first thing they broke was the two AIR CONDITIONING, one Unit that we did not have to replace after the hurricane because it was mostly new and the other Unit that broke with the hurricane and was replaced; so I remember that they came to fix this new one, they replaced with an old Unit saying that the new and modern Unit could not be fix, later the mechanics disappeared, nowhere to be found, so we had to find new mechanics because that Unit old installed used to brake down constantly (always having to go to the Unit inside the house spending more time inside); the other Unit that we did not replaced when they broke it we never fixed since they wanted to charged us lots of money to do it, something we did not understand. Any how, what I wanted to established is that after we were forced out of our home, they kept us moving every year; in 2010 the first house we were forced into at SW 9th Terrace, almost immediately they have to come to fix the AIR CONDITIONING upstairs (two Units inside), later in 2011 when forced to move again to SW 120th Court they had to come to fix the AIR CONDITIONING downstairs (one Unit inside), now 2012 here at SW 56th Terrace, it took they longer but they also had to come to fix the AIR CONDITIONING upstairs (one Unit inside); When getting to house I saw a huge truck parked in the drive way with a red hair lady inside, I tried to make eye contact to have the courtesy to say “hello”, but she turned the head trying to avoid me, like intentionally did not want me to see her, like hiding, then I made more effort to see who it was, and I did it in an angle when she could not see me doing it, that put me to think a lot, a lot, don’t you think about it to ? well inside I found the person fixing the AC, I said Hello and continue with my errands, he left without telling me anything, later my son told me that he will come again, but yesterday came someone else at 7 pm at night, he said he was from another company to check the pipes, all very strange, very fast, he checked the Unit upstairs, mentioned to know the person that fixed the AC and went to replaced the tape around the Unit, then went up to the attic, he said had to check for holes, then he told me he covered two small ones, you can believed that I took advantage of his expertise asking him about the noise, if it could be liking pipes, things like that, but to no avail; he was more interested in asking me about other things that to answer my questions, like who heard the noise first ? Hmm…, glad that he is aware of the noise, RIGHT ? Well here I live you with all this to see if anyone can Help me find out, what is it that we could be breathing causing us harm related to the AIR CONDITIONING ? My plants do not get to look healthy, not even putting rain water ! Well anyway we will keep trying to find out all the abuse that is been inflicted upon our family, whether it is microwave energy, whatever energy, something in the water we are drinking, something in the air we are breathing !! We Hope you out there are able to Help us somehow, because we are in the hands of evils gangs of stalkers that do not stop in there quest to harm us to fulfill their task, so we could not expose the tortures that we had been inflicted upon all this years; but with the strength given to us by God we will continue to expose them so you can learn of our suffering and it would not happen to anyone else ! and those who are thinking it would not happen to them, think again, because you are very wrong, we thought the same ! the moment that inadvertently because of destiny, you have to demand respect to your CIVIL RIGHTS and ask for JUSTICE against so much corruption existent now, well you will unfortunately get what we got, because that what is done to cover it up, the INJUSTICE !
    • Marina Meadows I meant at the end To cover up the JUSTICE ! sorry I am tired…
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara Start your living in another country! In a country where people only get in your home with, and after, your permition! Where do you live?
    • Marina Meadows Hi ! Gloria, I did not understand the first part you wrote, I have lived in Miami, Florida, USA for the last 30 years.
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara I mean, if your live in USA is not happy you should move to other country like Brazil, Argentina or Europe.
    • Marina Meadows I try to do it, to no avail, you have to read more of our situation in my page. I even went to ask Protection from Canada’s Government, also to no avail !
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara In USA people think they are free but they aren’t… no Human Rights and everybody belongs to the gov. like in comunist and fascist countries.
      May 26 at 10:50pm · Like · 1
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara Can’t you buy an airticket and fly away of that country to anywhere you wish?!
    • Marina Meadows This is a great Country of laws, unfortunately if you do not have the money to hire a lawyer to enforce the laws for you so you can protect your RIGHTS, you have no RIGHTS !!
    • Marina Meadows Last time I had to go to the airport to buy the ticket, because no agency would sale it to me, (also no hotel to stay) and at the airport gave a ticket with wrong name, they would not fix it, well lots of problems, then I had new passports issued, perhaps something on them, in one word lots of problems. But unfortunately I even with problems, I can not do that right now because of my mother condition……”ORGANIZED STALKING is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framing, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror and general harassment. It is a “ganging up” by members of the community who follow an organizer and participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.” — Mark M. Rich.
      In 2002-2003 I contacted Governor Jeb Bush to help us enforce our Civil Rights in the Courts and instead we were label and targeted as “Dangerous Individuals” (something that existed in Cuba to repress people that acted against the Government , but I did not know existed against simple citizens in this great Country of Liberty) to shut us up and cover the corruption ….,I have been trying to expose corruption in Miami, Florida for almost 10 years, to no avail, Plz read my blog that I post in FaceBook.com/themeadowsfmly, “Let’s get some JUSTICE…..or http://www.marinameadows.wordpress/(DOT)com, or http://www.MarinaMeadows.blogspot/(DOT)com, find out what is been done to our family, how our medicals records have been used to harm us, medications tampered right out of the pharmacies, how we have been isolated from friends and family, manipulation and blocked internet, mail & phones, how my 3 sons have been manipulated, and also their lives, our house of 15 years taken with fraud and ransacked to take our documents, and destroyed so much more, how the banks had manipulated our money, forsaken by Churches, Schools, Organizations…, the roll of the Police & Gov.Officials allowing this abuse mental, emotional & physical to go on for so many years, to cover all their wrong doing, without hesitation to destroy our whole family, adding that the father of my sons (after I had a personal conversation with ex-Mayor Manny Diaz) & his mother (one week before a Court appointment), both UK citizens passed away very suddenly from the same affliction without any medical history of that illness…??? Here we still suffering, almost collapsing without any one doing anything to help us; now only after more than 10 months here, been able to text a bit I come to understand how tainted & corrupted things are, manipulated by well-connected individuals, corporate executives & politically motivated Gov.Officials who simply buried the truth inside a shadow legal system inaccessible to everyday ordinary American citizens. So I give thanks to God for the strength given to our family and for people protesting in the streets#OWS since November 17, 2011 that had help make the truth come to light!!!
      We are in URGENT need of some humanity towards our situation, so we may be able to expose it and be able to find the HELP, and PROTECTION that we are pleading, so if anyone have the power to do something for us, we appreciate very much! We need a contingency Lawyer that is not fearful to confront the Judges, willing to help us ASAP, it is very, very Urgent, my mother is loosing her eye sight, day by day since she is not able to put eye drops for her glaucoma, or take any medication needed, since they were altered causing harm to her health, so we not longer can trust doctors in general, also we are all perishing, we are real people existing but not living!!
      Plz check it out:
      www.targetedindividuals.com www.areyoutargeted.com
    • Belkis Bigles Gloria Barbara that shit, that you are talking about lack of freedom at USA is qhat the communist regimen teach you in Latin America. Watch what kind of free woman is Marina Meadows. She is always talking bad and freely about the USA Gov, so is okey. If she or somebody talk this way in Cuba, he or she will be assassinated.
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara So,therefore it’s not a great country of laws!!! About USA laws comparing to Europe, we are 500 years in advance… here people have RIGHTS, people’s RIGHTS are written in books ( Roman Law). Yesterday night I heard loud noises from outside, there were some drunk people (young british tourist) and I can’t stand noise at night geting into my home, so I called the police… ten minuts after the noise was off. I am horrified by what I see and read about the actions of police and justice in the U.S.!!!
    • Belkis Bigles Helloooooo Gloria Barbara that shit, that you are talking about lack of freedom at USA is qhat the communist regimen teach you in Latin America. Watch what kind of free woman is Marina Meadows. She is always talking bad and freely about the USA Gov, so is okey. If she or somebody talk this way in Cuba, he or she will be assassinated.
    • Marina Meadows Dear Belkis, thank you for the time you are taking to write here, unfortunately you are mistaken, I only talk the truth of the abuse inflicted upon our family and the suffering and pain we are enduring !
      May 26 at 11:40pm · Like · 2
    • Marina Meadows Dear Belkis, I have been isolated for almost 10 years, here in the land of the free ! Not able to have internet, mail, phone, friends, family ! what do you call that ? been dead !
      May 26 at 11:45pm · Like · 1
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara Belkis Bigles@….My country has 900 years of history and does not receive lessons on human rights from the cowboys. Communists and fascists are equal. Shit is justice in your country haveing a price that only a few can afford … Shit is trying to justify what everyone already knows .I hate communists and Zionist … understood, or do you want me to do a drawing ?!
    • Marina Meadows Dear Belkis, Please tell me how would you express yourself about a situation where there are destroying your whole family in front of your eyes without been able to do anything to save any of them !!
      May 26 at 11:48pm · Like · 1
    • Marina Meadows Estimada Belkis, si te queda alguna duda de como nos destrozan dia a dia, criminales degenerados y corruptos que estan en puestos del Gobierno y que no tienen nada que ver con la grandeza de este pais de libertad y leyes, al que empanan con sus crimenes, pues llamame 3057887679 y ven a compartir nuestro dolor, en vez de malintencionadamente y sin pizca de compasion ponerte a hacer comentarios que solo se parecen a los de los acosadores que nos abusan dia a dia ! Que Dios te perdone !
    • Chris Callesen Your situation is odd and does not occur in the average American household. We all still say what we want to say. Im not sure why people that dont live here think we are not free. We have had many unconstitutional laws passed lately and an encroaching police state, but we are mostly armed and will use our 2nd Amendment rights to defend liberty. That, is not in option i Cuba, or anywhere else in the world.
      May 26 at 11:56pm via mobile · Like · 1
    • Marina Meadows Dear Chris your wrong, this is been implemented to shut up every person that can expose corruption or wrong doing at any level, I know lots of families, unfortunately it does come to light, but if one day someone investigate every situation, it will come to surface, many and many cases….Plz Chris people are filling stadiums watching singers and sports !!!
    • Marina Meadows Co mon Chris you can not even Help me to read my short version of our situation in you tube or anywhere else to expose it, it is easy to talk…
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara Reading the American press and international press too, is enough to realize that your freedoms are in crisis. The Constitution of my country also allows me to disobey and to use force against the violation of a constitutional Right. The only difference is that in my country citizens can not carry weapons, but many have access to them… if necessary, of course!
    • Marina Meadows Dear Gloria thank you for all your comments, it is great to see some one with such great opinions. Tell me something how do you enforce the Constitution in your Country when there is violations of Rights ? Do you have free lawyers to enforce the mandates of the Constitution or do you have some other way to be able to enforce them ?
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara Why do these Americans are so concerned about their freedoms and rights? ________https://www.facebook.com/groups/163945586998396/

      • Oath Keepers is a non-…

      See More

    • Belkis Bigles Dear Marina I sorry for your odd situation. I agree with Chris. I so sorry but this is the land of the free forever and ever . You can’t say everybody have a lack of freedom here. Marina I am having a headache now, but I promise you that I will continue chatting with you tomorrow. Nite Nite
    • Marina Meadows Ganging up with Chris now, right !! Neither of you are deserving of my time ! May God forgive you !
    • Gloria Pereira BárbaraMarina Meadows@ El sistema judicial portugués es completamente diferente de la americana y británica. Nuestro sistema tiene su sede leyes romanas escritas. Los derechos humanos están muy protegidos. Eso lo que está pasando con ustedes es imposible que esto ocurra aquí. es difícil para nosotros entender las atrocidades que se cometen contra los inmigrantes en los EE.UU.. Lamento lo que está sucediendo con usted, pero por lo que he leído acerca de los EE.UU. la mejor solución es mirar en otra dirección, dejando a este país mientras pueda.____Agora vou dormir, são 5h37 da manhã :)____ Un abrazo.
    • Gloria Pereira Bárbara Tenemos el Defensor del Pueblo (Provedor de Justiça) y la Oficina del Procurador General, el Tribunal Constitucional y el Tribunal Europeo. Quién no tiene el dinero siempre tiene el derecho a un abogado pagado por el Estado .Los extranjeros y los inmigrantes también tienen los mismos derechos.
    • Marina Meadows Dear Gloria, thank you for all your information, and taking time to share it with us here.
    • Marina Meadows Dear Rikke Sophia I appreciated very much your words, I know what you mean, I have great hope in the #OWS movement of protestors that their courage will set roots for a better America in the future; May God Bless you and everyone in the world !
    • Marina Meadows Well Today August 27th/2012 again we have to call for A/C problems, broken again!, we have been trying to see if can fix it for about a week and half, now just not working at all! Regarding the EMP, w/o A/C on, it have been a lot lower, less harm I guess, at least for my ears, still we can hear the hissing, so at some level this all is related!
      Well Now the end of the month of August 31st, 2012, but on August 29th/2012 the A/C was fix again, and unfortunately the hissing started to be louder again, but somehow a bit different on the EMP because my ears not having so much pain and watery, and some of the symptoms felt before are different now, the most pressing able to feel is lack of sleep, you have to be really tired, drunk, sick to have some hours of sleep otherwise you can not. I hope if anything happen to my family, the Public via Media Coverage can check our bodies Medically for this harm caused to our health! We can not trust anyone so Hope the Media Help us, otherwise many professionals (tugs) will be ready to sell their expertise to this Organizers/Stalkers Criminals in other to conceal the true!

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